The Memory Remains

ImageImageBefore typing this piece, I just happened to listen to “The Memory Remains” by Metallica, and that is how I got inspired to write.

I had a fascination for cars and speed right from the very beginning. I tried being an automobile engineer, but felt that the maths would be too much to handle! 

The incident that I am going to talk about, happened way back in 1993, when I was 10 years old. There used to be a quarter mile stretch on Lodhi Road (Delhi) in the direction towards Safdarjung Enclave. Now, the problem was that this road always had trees jutting out, sometimes growing even ON the street! 

My driver Ram Sewak, my mother and I were in our ancient grey Padmini (1974 model). A white coloured Contessa was standing to the left of us. Drivers in both vehicles were revving hard, which gave me a prelude to what was going to happen. Finally, on green light signal, both cars darted forward. We were neck and neck with the Contessa for most of the way. It was just both cars starting braking, near the next red light, that we lost. At the end of it, only I was feeling sad that our car could not cope up with the Contessa, and then my mother made me realise how close the finish had really been. 


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