“Abstractfully” yours

Some of us may have got an “abstract” topic, in any form of Fup cus Group Discussions. Probably the toughest ask in such situations, is to decide what to say. Here is an attempt to demystify one such topic.

The topic given is “Sun and the Black Hole.”


Picture taken courtesy NASA


The Sun is the brightest star in our Solar System. It stands out separately, from all other heavenly bodies such as the moon, asteroids and planets. The Sun is also the basis of all life that exists on the Earth. If it was not present, life would never have been interesting, with so many different species.  Each one of us, in our little world, also tries to stand out among the rest. The only hardship that we face here is- we all cannot be Suns.

 On the contrary, if a star does not become a Sun, it ends up being a “Black Hole.” The Black Hole, with its ferocious gravitational forces, attracts all matter towards it. The force is so strong, that even light is not allowed to escape. Similarly, in the homo sapien world, we have to prevent ourselves from becoming Black Holes, by striving towards what we know, is best for us. Also, whenever we face a problem, we have to try to encounter b moving towards it, rather than moving away from it. 



Picture taken courtesy NASA


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