Renault Duster exciting Indians in big numbers!

Automobile company Renault is already manufacturing the Koleos, Pulse, Scala and Fluence in India.  Sedan Fluence has already made a mark, having won many awards of recognition. But this time, it is the turn of their new SUV, the Duster, which was launched on 4th July, 2012.

This SUV is a total of 4.31 metres in length and 1.82 metres in breadth. It priced between Rs 7 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs (ex showroom  New Delhi), and can be booked by paying an amount of Rs 51,000. A high ground clearance of 210 mm ensures that the Duster would safely glide over off road as well as on road.

The Duster may not be the best designed SUV of all, but it sure has the ruggedness of one. The powertrain of this vehicle would be 105 ps for the 1.6 Litre Petrol, and 85 and 110 ps for the 1.5 Litre diesel. Understanding the volatile condition of fuel prices, Renault seems to have made the right decision to be giving two power options in the case of diesel. Mileage is 13.24 kmpl for the petrol, and 20.46 and 19.01 kmpl for the two diesel options. This being Renault’s cheapest SUV, it remains to be seen how effectively the Duster is able to make its place in the niche SUV market.

At the moment, the Duster is the highest selling compact SUV of all time in India. During April, the company sold a phenomenal 6315 units of this vehicle. However, come June 2013 and competition is soon to arrive, in the form of Ford EcoSport.


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